Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Loved One a Prepaid Phone

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Everyone needs a cell phone today and not just to keep up with the ever-changing technology. A cell phone is more than just a way to communicate, it is also a way for your loved one to reach help in case of emergency and an alternative to costly outdated home phone service. Whatever your reason may be such as an elderly loved one needing a phone but not knowing how to get one or a teenager begging for their very first phone, the process of getting a prepaid cell phone is quite simple.

Research and Compare Companies

There are many companies to select between for prepaid phone service. Many of the large carriers now offer prepaid options in addition to their traditional contracted plans. Smaller independent companies strictly do prepaid plans. Look online to read reviews about the quality of service, area coverage, and customer relations. Reading reviews provides insight from existing and previous customers that can help you avoid subpar companies.

Chose the Right Plan

Once you have selected a carrier, compare and contrast their plans to see which one would be the best fit for the intended recipient. Consider whether this person would use data or only the call and text services. Teenagers would likely go over any limitations causing additional fees. An unlimited plan is a better option to avoid overages.

Sign Up for Service

Depending on which company you selected you might be able to complete the entire process online and have the phone mailed to you or directly to your loved one. You can select the plan and any add-ons, fill out the form with the payee’s information, and checkout. Most phone carrier websites have an option to chat with a customer service representative. This is a quick and convenient way to get answers to questions before completing your order. You can also sign up in-store.

Set Up Autopay

You aren’t required to set up autopay, but it is a good suggestion. If it is set up to come out on a certain day each month, then there will be no interruption in service. Some companies offer a small discount for paying this way. It is also easy to budget for since it happens on the same day and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to pay.

Even if you have never done it before, signing a loved one up for a prepaid phone is easy. It begins with research to compare and find the right provider. Then you compare plans based on the recipient’s needs then sign up online or in-store. Setting up autopay ensures seamless service for your thankful loved one.