The Top 5 Rated BlueLight Glasses

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Computers, mobile devices, and other electronic gadgets assist in making your everyday life easier. However, they emit blue light from their screens that can interfere with sleep and result in eye strain. Hence, you need to block this light for better sleep and optimal eye health. Here are the five best blue light blocking glasses.

1. Uvex Skyper Blue Light Glasses
These Uvex Skyper Blue Light glasses are affordable and have orange lenses featuring Spectrum Control Technology. They can absorb up to 98 percent of blue light originating from screens. You can also tilt the lenses into three varying positions, which allows you to view screens at different heights without straining. They also have a wrap-around style that has other comfort features like molded nose bridge and adjustable temples for an ideal fit.

2. GAMMA RAY Blue Light Glasses
The GAMMA RAY Blue Light Glasses are designed from plastic, including the lenses and frames. They are flexible and durable, and a lifetime breakage warranty accompanies them. Additionally, they are lightweight due to their 22 grams of weight that allows for a comfortable fit. They have amber lenses and feature a wide variety of magnification options ranging between 0.00x and 2.50x.

3. Swannies Blue Light Glasses
If you like reading from a digital device before sleep, these glasses are suitable for you. According to the company, wearing these glasses for an hour and a half prior to going to bed while you watch TV or read will assist you in getting sound sleep. Moreover, putting them on during the day will assist in alleviating headaches and sore eyes linked to screen time.

4. Swanwick Blue Light Glasses
If you already use prescription glasses, you can still use the Swanwick Blue Light Glasses to offer your existing glasses power to block blue light. These glasses will fit properly over your regular glasses and are easy to put on and remove. The lenses on these glasses are orange, which means they are more effective than lenses of other colors. They also feature an anti-glare coating that assists in promoting eye health and good sleep.

5. Cyxus Blue Light Glasses
The Cyxus Blue Light Glasses offer protection against UV 400 and ultraviolet radiation. They help in minimizing eye strain, and they have clear lenses, unlike other blue light glasses that have colored lenses. Moreover, they are less reflective compared to other brands and have less likelihood of altering the color of games. They are also shock-resistant, waterproof, and have a lifetime warranty.

Without proper eye health, you cannot see properly, and without quality sleep, you cannot be sufficiently productive. Hence, these glasses are what you need for yourself and your family. They are the top rated glasses and have passed effectiveness, value, and comfort evaluation parameters.