The Ultimate Consumer’s Guide to Stairlifts

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Before purchasing a stairlift, it’s important to make sure it will actually make your life easier. If getting up and down the stairs has become too difficult, a stair lift can help. There is always the option of finding a different home, but most people don’t have the option to move.

It can be much more cost effective to have a stair lift installed. Once a stair lift is installed, no dramatic lifestyle change is needed. However, there are many considerations to make before spending money on a stair life.

Types of Lifts

There are several different types of stair lifts to choose from, so it’s important to know about all of the different styles and understand how they work.

Personal needs are very important when browsing stair lift models. There is also the chance that your situation might change over the long-term, so the lift that is ideal right now might not be the best lift several years in the future.

The seated stair lift is a very popular style. In fact, it’s more popular than any other lifts. A seated stair lift has a larger seat, and to make it easier to get off, the seat swivels.

Straight Stairlift

This style is only capable of traveling up a straight staircase, and it’s usually cheaper than other styles. In most cases, it should only take a few hours to install a straight stairlift. Unlike some other styles, the seated stairlift won’t disturb existing décor.

Curved Stairlift

The greatest benefit that this style has to offer is the ability to move around curves and over landings. This particular style uses a rail, which fits close to the wall. Curved stairlifts are great for freeing up space, and they’re usually powered by rechargeable batteries.

Perch Stairlift

A perch stairlift is an ideal option for people who have trouble sitting. For some homeowners, sitting is very uncomfortable, and a perch stairlift doesn’t require the user to sit down. It should also come with a retractable seatbelt, which adds an additional layer of safety.

New or Used

Consumers can purchase new or used stairlifts, but it can be difficult to know what is better. New stairlifts are easier to repair but cost more money. Used stairlifts will cost less, install faster and suffer fewer initial problems. The only problem with used stairlifts is that it can be harder to find replacement parts for them.

Important Considerations

Before purchasing a stairlift, consumers should check to see if they can bend their knees while traveling in a seated positon. It’s also useful to consider whether or not the lift comes with a remote control, toggle or joystick. Some users can’t operate manual controls, so they’ll need a remote. Every consumer should consider these points before purchasing a stairlift.