Vaping vs. Smoking: What You Need to Know

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The issue of vaping versus smoking is a difficult one for most individuals to consider as there have been very few comparisons between the two nicotine-based activities. The fact the majority of vapers are former smokers or current smokers who are struggling with the demands of limiting their smoking addiction. Vaping and smoking can have many different outcomes and ingredients but also share many characteristics.

Vaping Vs Smoking Controversy

One of the major issues regarding vaping and smoking is the fact there has yet to a majority decision regarding the safety of vaping over smoking. Firstly, the experts at Health England rated electronic cigarettes as 95 percent safer than traditional cigarettes. However, other groups have stated vaping is just as dangerous as other forms of smoking, according to The National Center for Health Research.

The controversy over what kind of problems can be caused by vaping compared to traditional smoking that can cause many issues. Some states have already sought to introduce legislation to ban vaping in all public areas alongside traditional cigarette smoking.

Nicotine is an addictive substance

Nicotine has become one of the most toxic, addictive substances in the world which has been proven to cause heart attacks. The main issue regarding the use of nicotine in both vaping and traditional cigarette smoking is the factor of the inclusion of nicotine in both products. Both cigarettes and vaping equipment contain nicotine that is addictive and causes withdrawal symptoms when the individual decides to give up smoking.

In the early days of their release, vaping equipment was given the role of assisting with the ability of an individual to quit smoking. The American Heart Association reports the majority of people who choose to vape instead of smoking traditional cigarettes believe they have a better chance of success with vaping. However, the statistics do not back up their case.

Problems for teens and kids

One of the most concerning aspects of the rise in vaping among young people is the growth of the activity. Firstly, the traditional cigarettes of the world are now seen as a major public health problem but vaping is not seen as a dangerous activity. Traditional cigarettes are no longer marketed to tees and children but vape products are and include a range of different flavors that attract young people.

Vaping has become such a growth area for young people with figures from 2018 seeing the use of vaping products double among high school students from 2017 to 2018. Vaping is now more popular than any other form of smoking among young people in middle school and high school.