What is VPN and Why is it Vital to Your Business?


Once upon a time, surfing the Internet was safe. However, these days, with the growing number of hackers and other cybercriminals becoming savvier than ever, the web is a dangerous place, especially for businesses. As a result, more and more businesses are relying on a virtual private network, more commonly simply referred to as “VPN,” to stay safer when their employees conduct their work.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual network that masks your true IP address. This is made possible by connecting to a remote server that is run by a VPN service provider. Think of this virtual server as a tunnel: all of your online activity is filtered through this tunnel so that whatever you happen to be doing and all data on your device is kept safe and secure from the prying eyes of others, including those who might want to steal that data.

A VPN is useful in a number of ways as it conceals your true IP and location. It can keep you safe while online whether you are an individual or if you are using it for your business.

VPNs Reduce the Risk of Threats

There are always cyber threats out there. However, when you use a VPN for business, it can help you to reduce your risk of cyber attacks and security breaches. A hacker would not be able to access your company’s data thanks to the VPN masking your IP address and essentially making you invisible.

Good for Remote Work

If you have employees who work remotely and not in your office, it means they can do their work anywhere as long as they have a Wi-Fi connection. Many people spend time in their local coffee house to work. These places always have free Wi-Fi that is unsecured. A VPN installed on their laptop can ensure that when they do their work, their data is kept safe from prying eyes of others who have access to the Wi-Fi network. This is possible thanks to the VPN using encryption.

Beneficial for Working Outside of the Country

If you have to travel outside of the United States for business or even for personal reasons but will continue working while away, a VPN can be highly beneficial. You can choose from a number of locations for your VPN service. which means there are channels based in the US. It can help you to stay within your home base’s timezone with your emails and other correspondence and you can access any website you need without worrying about being blocked from any.

A VPN is always vital to your business. Your customers, clients, employees and associates will appreciate you more for keeping their most precious information safe.